, myspace, etc. etc.

it’s after midnight, monsters inc. is still on even though natalie and rick are fast asleep. my eyes are getting heavy and i still need to get rick’s lunch together for work tomorrow. the room is a disaster but i decided that tonight i was going to work on some littlebighead stuff. i’ve figured some things out on to my delight and i’ve also went on a bit of a rampage asking for myspace friendships and leaving drawings and thank you for the add comments.

i’m pretty excited about alot of my hand drawn illustrations that i have been able to color digitally. i’ve put some up on my myspace pictures and as a photobucket widget on my myspace page. i want to post more but i’m seriously falling asleep so at a later time, i’ll probably put some more up. have a good night everyone…



~ by littlebighead on October 27, 2006.

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