a new littlebighead endeavor and some day of the dead things..

so i’ve recently (really) realized that i love skulls and skeletons. not the gory kind but you know, more of the corpse bride, day of the dead/dia de los muertos kind. i did a few designs to send myspace friends for halloween/dia de los muertos comments and now, i think i’m obsessed. i’ve been doing skull and skeleton doodles left and right and have decided that i am going to start a sub-division, sub-category or whatever you want to call it. well, actually, you can call it “my littlebigdead” because that is what i will be calling it. i haven’t had a chance to scan any of the doodles. i have ideas for the more finished work so when i get those things up, i’ll post a little preview. i’m hoping to open a cafe press store for my littlebigdead to sell some shirts, stickers and etc. until i get my own supplier and begin to do those things myself. so, stay tuned for some new things, okay!

speaking of day of the dead, tomorrow my friends are going to attend a festival of sorts in santa ana, the 3rd annual dia de los muertos . i am so bummed because i just recently got hired as a part time worker for kohl’s department stores, which is not the bumming thing in itself (i’m actually pretty excited about that but…) now i can’t attend!! sigh (or as my good friend would say, ‘tear’)…so, i’ve just been on ebay looking under day of the dead and dia de los muertos searches and coveting all sorts of little goodies. here are some…


aren’t these absolutely adorable!!! that first one is especially so because it’s a dia de los muertos wednesday addams and hey, wednesday is just the best! these are all wonderful creations found at mayeli art ebay store. here are some more little goodies…

this corked glass jar is for bid by zephyr’s art. the bidding page can be found here…but wait, there’s more!

these wonderful little frida necklaces are up for bid by claylindo…here’s another frida necklace worth mentioning too is this one, a glass marble pendant from this and that and here and there…the image is protected so you’ll just have to check the link to take a looksie…

here’s a cute little bridesmaid from garotos. the bridesmaid can be found here but keep you’re eye out for the bride and groom too…

and last, but not least, a cute little family of meows also from garotos. these are actually the musicians of death. cute, isn’t it?

well, i hope you all enjoyed my little photo list of cutesy day of the dead things. if you can make it out to the festival, please do so!!! have a great weekend all…


~ by littlebighead on November 3, 2006.

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