well, it’s monday…

(tree child, on etsy)

it’s about half past noon and i am getting a little giddy. while my daughter is watching sesame street, i thought i would steal a few moments to come here and share. i’ve been working on some new designs and will be putting up some new things soon to the etsy shop (i have several postcards on there now).

those who know me best know that i like a myriad of things. i go from thought and idea to next thought and idea and fortunately for me that helps me out tremendously with my creativity. this week has been pirate owls and under the sea themes. today i worked a bit on a woodland scene and i have some sketches out for some quirky girls and what not. i will be scanning the woodland scene soon and will also be putting it on etsy. it’s a graphite sketch and i think it’s kinda lovely. that’s just me, of course. 🙂

i’ve also added a few new illustrations on my flickr. i love flickr! i’ve also started a few new groups there (among other groups i’ve started). i just have so many ideas and that’s the place to put them out there. it’s amazing the amount of talent that is on that site. so if you are interested, here are the groups i administer:

i suppose that’s all for now. hope to hear from some of you soon and i will keep you all in the know about shop updates. thanks friends…


~ by littlebighead on January 28, 2008.

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