holly hobbie and other things…

well, the last couple of days have been a bit rough considering i finally got hit with the wave of sickness that is going around apparently. not much fun but today is a bit better and i am hoping to be up and about sooner rather than later. natalie is having fun though, romping about and playing at the park while she is staying with her grandma to help me have some time to get better. so with that in mind, i thought i would ‘pass’ by here and update a little.

i have a few more illustrations i have been working on and hopefully will be putting up soon. i am still waiting for a few orders to come in and i just have my fingers crossed that they look good and presentable to put up in the shop as well (a postcard design, a couple of note cards and a few mirrors). i also want to send a little thanks to noosedkitty for purchasing my woodland girl illustrations. thank you!!

for those of you who might be old school like i am, i was happy to find two gems from my childhood reappear to me the other day. who remembers holly hobbie (HH)? i am not talking about the new modernization of her, with her flashy colors and ‘hip’ clothing, but the true holly hobbie, with her blue bonnet and patchwork dress. my cousin and i each had one and i remember visiting my cousin once when i was younger and spotting her HH doll and thinking it was mine since i couldn’t find her. it didn’t dawn on me that my cousin had one too and i was convinced that her HH was really mine. my cousin reluctantly gave me her HH doll and that was that. of course, this HH doll too, disappeared somewhere in the house like most things do, popping up here and there. years later, i spot two HH dolls in the den. apparently my mom was digging in the garage and found both of them. i was delighted at the sight of them but simultaneously had this feeling of guilt. i had taken away my cousin’s dearly loved doll and for all these years, she was without her. how tragic of me!

i called her the other day to relay this story. we laughed together at the whole thing and i just told her this story is her proof of her love for me. she agreed and also said now her childhood memories can be complete! so, that’s my little story to share. i hope everyone is well and have a wonderful weekend!


~ by littlebighead on February 1, 2008.

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