alyss, alice.

i have just returned from barnes and noble with just one book in mind (though i did come out with two!), the looking glass wars by frank beddor. i got the urge to purchase it after reading a post by art and ghosts, which i must add is a fantastic artist and one of my favorite blogs to peruse. so, even though i am still technically reading marie antoinette: the journey by antonia fraser and the widow of the south by robert hicks, i have yet again, been distracted by a tale of wonder and fantasy. i’ll have to pick up where i left off with the two previous books after i finish the looking glass wars before i even attempt to tackle my second purchase, jonathon strange and mr. norrell by susanna clarke. the book was in the bargain section for under seven dollars but is a huge 1, 024 page book! whew! yeah, that will be loads of fun…

in speaking of the looking glass wars and it’s obvious relation to alice in wonderland, i have an alice inspired illustration i did about two weeks ago to show. i hand drew it and then digitally colored it. i liked my first color combination choice because it reminds me of sweets and candy but my second color combination of it suits me a bit better. you can tell me what you think and i will greatly appreciate you for it!

here is the first:

and now the second:

there is my little color dilemma but it’s not a bad one to have! tell me, which do you like?

until next time, have a lovely sunday night…


~ by littlebighead on February 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “alyss, alice.”

  1. they are both quite nice, but i like the first better. the colors are more striking and the light blue background makes the girls pop out more.

  2. i like the first one better! but the coloring in the second one does seem more typical of your style….hmm…tough one!

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