on a friday..

my daughter and i have been playing and making things this week, due to her still being under the weather. earlier we brought out her olivia theatre set that was given to her by dear friends of ours one christmas. we did our best “opera” voices as we pretended to be the vocal soundtrack to our “plays”…

later on today i needed to get creative for a handmade card i will be sending to my friend hollie. nattie also wanted to make cards so i did the cutting and she arranged and glued everything all on her own. i was so pleased with her work, i had to share it. the first card she made for her daddy, the second for me.

and her she is with her first card creation:
i also did some doodling and drawing in a new red journal i got when we last went to barnes and noble. i sketched a new little friend named violie flora with her ghostie friends, a little rabbit doll and a cake. yesterday i had the chance to draw her. i’ve already scanned her and digitally colored it, originally in some plum and crimson tones. my husband told me to try some different colors so i “compromised” a bit and changed it to brown grays and greens.

"you are invited"

i have entitled it “you are invited”. i really am happy with the way it came out and thinking i should do a few more scenes with violie and her friends.

well everyone, enjoy your friday evening and have a lovely weekend!!

~ by littlebighead on February 22, 2008.

8 Responses to “on a friday..”

  1. Oh! I love the cards!! and the new drawings. they are Very inviting indeed! keep going…you are on a roll for sure. I love your journal! xoxo

  2. I LOVE it! The bird on her head and the green accents are so CUTE!

  3. lovely! your new illo is sooo great…i can’t wait to get more collaberative…i think nattie has you beat though…her cards are pretty cool 😉

  4. hollie, i think you are right! her cards look waaaay better than the one i’m working on. i have to step it up now!

  5. haha…she learned from an amazing teacher 😉

  6. i love the cards! Nattie sure does have some scrapin talent!

  7. pretty! i love seeing the process go from doodle to the final! Great work girls! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. thanks johanna! yeah, i thought it would be neat to show some journal doodles and the final product. it won’t be the last time i probably do it. anyhow, again, thanks!

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