conundrum of sorts…

i’m going to miss the rabbit.

i had to give “our hermione” back today since nat was ready to return to school. it feels a bit weird not having that cute brown bunny in the house anymore after having it for a week and a half. i need a pet. we need a pet. since we lost our beagle, buckley (ran out of a gate that was mysteriously left opened and probably found and kept because he is purebreed) it almost feel strange not to have a pet. we’ve been bouncing around the idea of a rabbit or even a pet rat (yes, rat) to have. the problem still is that some of the apartments we have been looking at don’t allow pets. conundrum. i mean, what is a sweet little rabbit or rat going to do? if you take proper care of them, what can they mess up? and have you ever heard of a rabbit or rat barking or making excessive noise? no. oh well, we will just have to see how everything unfolds for us.

in the meantime, i’ve still be doodling, still have ideas rolling around that i want to bring out. yesterday while watching the oscars (yay for javier bardem and “no country for old men” and to glen hansard and marketa irglova for “once“) i was drawing all sorts of things. i managed to draw a little willow tree, a perfect spot for some ghosts to do a little hide and seek.

i should go. there is some yummy chicken salad waiting for me and my guilty pleasure show “charmed” is on… don’t want to miss it!

p.s. natalie and i took a lovely walk this morning. first, she had to take a ride in her little red tricycle…childhood. it’s so lovely and one day, she will be all grown up…


~ by littlebighead on February 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “conundrum of sorts…”

  1. your illustrations are AMAZING!!!! love the deer & bunny holding hands, although they’re all instant favorites ♥

  2. thank you so much!!!

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