what’s been done..

i am happy it’s saturday morning. it’s gray, foggy and drizzling and it’s perfect for me. especially since earlier this week it was feeling like late spring. the warmth just crept up on all of us and though it was a little nice, it was a little too early for it as well. we did take advantage of the niceness of it and went to disneyland this week (it’s great to have passes). as always, i am on the look out for photos to take, mostly to show another side of the happiest place on earth.

disneyland is always fantastic though, for us three, it’s amazing. i am still a child at heart and it’s wonderful to see that delight in glee in my daughter.

i’ve also did a new illustration for a my friend, munano. she has been able to make my pirate owl illustration into a delightful little plushie that is on it’s way across the pond (more on that later). i can not wait to receive him and so, this is for her, “we are friends”…

we are friends (original)

and here, my attempt at drawing on vintage paper….


the ghost baker

and a few batches for mom to take with her and show…

that’s all for now…come visit owlparty for a new entry on etsy goodies 🙂


~ by littlebighead on March 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “what’s been done..”

  1. Your drawings are adorable. I’m really found of the one with the mushrooms.

  2. […] and a family portrait… a few posts ago, i mentioned a collaboration between myself and munano. well, ‘our’ little pirate owl made it across the sea and is finally home with […]

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