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mother and daughter

i had this idea yesterday and was able to finish it this afternoon. it’s my first collage type art work. i used old pages from a bread cook book, a little white out for the pinafore on the girl, prisma colors and pen. it’s a little bigger than my scanner so that’s why it’s a bit fuzzy towards the bottom. all in all, i like it though my daughter doesn’t like the hat on the mommy. oh well, she likes the red heart leaves!

not too long ago, i was cleaning out the drawer when i stumbled upon a sketch i did of a little boy-bat so i decided to bring him to life. i am rather fond of him. 🙂

boy bat


~ by littlebighead on March 4, 2008.

7 Responses to “what’s new…”

  1. oooh!!! i love it! ♥ your illustrations are so amazing all on their own, but this really adds an additional element of texture and interest, i love how you used old book pages for the dresses, that looks awesome, and what a good idea with the white out! i would definitely keep going with this style, i love it! and i love the mother’s little hat, reminds me of a dainty acorn 😀

  2. Cute bat : )

    I really like the words-for-dresses. I used some lyrics on a collage of dancers recently (they are on my blog header this month), but only as details – it works better as an all-over fabric. (Actually, I like these dresses even without words, but they add something).

  3. These are fantastic, I really love your style. x

  4. It’s Miss Pomegranates, my myspace friend! I’ve always admired your illustrations. They have Maurice Sendak undertones to them 🙂 I stumbled upon your blog through my friend, Layla…what a small world… I love it!



  5. well hello!! how funny, what a small (internet) world!! i am certainly glad you have found me here and don’t be a stranger, okay! 🙂

  6. […] been drawing too, trying to keep those creative juices flowing. i am quite happy with the last two things i’ve done. it’s just hard sometimes juggling ‘me’ time with creative time […]

  7. ❤ I can see why you are son happy with these…adorable!

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