hello friday…(the thirteenth) :)

one of them original drawing
the meeting
storytime original drawing
little creatures five button set
pretty girls four button pack
be kind print
apple and pear print
antoine print
the wolf and the rabbit print
tree folk print
sylvan girl print
you are invited print

ah, i love friday the 13th! and here i am, posting about finally updating the shop! yay 🙂

i have a couple of new button sets (that include both round and square buttons), with new prints and new original drawings.

and….since i am here, i am finally going to do something about fixing the posts here (or at least some of them! i know, i’m so lazy…)

so, being that it is a friday 13th, tell me how you are spending (and if you went to go see the happening, don’t tell me the plot, i still want to see it!) 🙂

oh, and i also forgot, come and see me at livejournal too! owlacrobat.livejournal.com this is where i will be blogging everyday things and such….


~ by littlebighead on June 13, 2008.

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