summer projects…

hello friends…

this summer has been great and challenging at the same time. not just because of the heat but having my four and half year old daughter home for her first summer vacation. we’ve done little crafts here and there and i thought i would just share them all with you!

last month we made owl masks and i must say, i am rather impressed with them. they were quick and fun to do and she had a blast!

natalie owl with her nana...

natalie owl with her nana...

my custom owl mask made by natalie

my custom owl mask made by natalie

father and daughter owl sit for a picture..

father and daughter owl sit for a picture..

last week, nat and i made what i called a little box of happiness. i used an old cell phone box, cut some paper, made a few holes and used a lot of glue and tape. natalie colored the clouds and cut the grass and here the result of our little crafty labor:

little box of happiness

little box of happiness

welcome inside..

welcome inside..

i’ve been chronicling our every day life at my livejournal, owlacrobat or what i have titled as ‘the curious musings of an ordinary life‘. also, as most of you might gather, i love being in new places so i have decided to just use plurk as an avenue to share various links and use brightkite instead for all my microblogging and random cell phone pictures i take. i am still on twitter, because, well, you just gotta love twitter but more entries (and pictures!) will be on brightkite. oh, and i have added two tumblrs to my list of places to be. finding moths in my pockets is like a little online scrapbook for me, also featuring photos and artwork of mine and other photos i find from other sources that are intriguing and lovely. i also happened to pick up a little miniature horse whom i have named aesop and am beginning to record his ‘travels’ at his own place as well. feel free to peruse in all my little nooks in internetland!

so tell me, how is your summer panning out?


p.s. i forgot to share, i finally have a homepage for littlebighead as well. it’s simple and easy to navigate. it’s at!


~ by littlebighead on August 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “summer projects…”

  1. Hi there Andrea, thankyou for posting my pic in yr fauna folk… I just cudn’t do it!
    I think it’s a great idea- I just love drawing animals. Looks like you & yr little one have lots of art fun, good on you. ~Sodapop [aka Banjo]
    PS it’s winter here in Aussie land…brr… good weather for penguins. ^_^

  2. you are most welcomed!! it’s just an html code you use. i am not sure if it will come out in this msg but you have to put the url (the address) in between this: …i hope that came out!

    keep warm!! i know i am 🙂

  3. Amiga! Bet you all had so much fun creating those masks!
    Here just to say hi…and to tell you how much I miss being around blogs, but, things has changed. I am moving again…oh wow.
    Big hug, and kiss and love ♥

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