Hello…My name is Andrea Gutierrez and this is my littlebighead.

I love all sorts of things, vintage and modern alike but I have special affinity for oddities, things of a curious nature, the delightfully strange and such. I also enjoy taking pictures and oil painting among other things 🙂

p.s owls and octopus and such have a special place in my heart..

Feel free to stop by my littlebighead myspace so we can be friends!

visit my shop at littlebighead.etsy.com 🙂

a little FYI:

the name ‘littlebighead’ refers to my daughter. she was born with a mop of raven hair that never fell off. as she was growing in her first year, that mop of hair made her cute little head look so big. one day, my husband just called her “littlebighead” and the name was born…

i lot of my illustrations are of her or inspired by her. the very first illustration above on this page is an example of one that is her. that is called ‘natalie and the owl’. she is now four years old and is my sweet little bubelah (what i call her now…)


One Response to “About”

  1. After clicking on the flicker link, I have to say, great artwork!!! Well done. It’s like Edward Gorey, only more colorful and much friendlier.

    My own wordpress blog has artwork, but it’s more geared to accompany movie reviews and such. I much prefer the stuff I have on http://gigabums.com/GigaArt.htm … storybook stuff, like a “Three Little Kittens” project I had been working on. But I don’t really have much of a style like you have.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work!

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